I'm here for the whiny babies that just HAVE to complain about how bad their first-world life is.
Aaand everything else wrong with society...
Plus I'm a huge supporter of equal human rights. All of them.

So I’m an avid music lover and…

       My parents own a buttload of CD’s and they’re all (or at least mostly) in the one of the closets. I was looking through some of them last night, just to see what was there, and then I came across Marilyn Manson’s album: Smells like Children. I have that one song of his, Sweet Dreams (are Made of These), so I decided to look on the back to find the title.

       I noticed several song titles with the “F” word censored out, and just thought ‘eh’ but then I got to the last title: “Rock ‘n’ Roll N*****”
       First of all, the “N” word on there wasn’t censored, but the other curse words were (Dafuq?). Secondly, I was curious as to why Manson, a white guy, would use that word. I temporarily discarded the though, since I had things to do. About 5 minutes ago (before I started typing this) I  decided to look up the lyrics just ‘cause. I mean, I knew I’d probably be offended, but damn.
       Here’s a link the the lyrics. TW Racism (does racism need a TW or am I just being extra cautious?)

       Near the end, though… Gattamn, I hate people. 

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